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You're only biding your time, chaos is inevitable.― -Bezel, threatening Fwench Fwy and Iscream.

Bezel is an original character in Chikn Nuggit. He is a tall, slender personified embodiment of time doomsday clock.


Bezel is a tall, slender humanoid with a cyan clock for a head and no neck. He wears a purple and cyan suit that has the numbers "1 2 3" on it, a pink bowtie, and white gloves. His clock head has 2 hands, a longer pink one, and a shorter cyan one.

Name Origin[]

A "bezel" is a component used in making watches. Specifically, it's the frame that holds the watch's glass or plastic cover. It fits in with his clock motif.



Bezel is capable of teleporting himself to anywhere.


Like Iscream and Fwench Fwy, Bezel can switch between forms at will.


As the so-called Embodiment of Time, he is ageless.


As the so-called embodiment of time, he can also manipulate time.


Chikn Nuggit[]

When Chikn first met Bezel, the yellow dog was curious about having all the time in the world. But then the so-called Embodiment of Time started taunting him about how the clock is ticking every day. But when he came to tease Chikn once more, the yellow pup points out that everybody uses their phones to tell time instead of clocks and watches. In episode 346, it is revealed that he has come to keep an eye on the strange occurrences surrounding Chikn. In Episode 383, he took notice of Chikn's mysterious ability to make everyone and everything appear in the void. He even encouraged the little puppy to keep up the weirdness. It is revealed in Episode 402 that Bezel knows of a prophecy that claims Chikn will destroy the world, and he seems to like the idea of this happening. In Episode 525, when Chikn begins feeling isolated from his friend, Bezel shadowed over him in a menacing manner. Continuing in Episode 526, Bezel informs Chikn about his reality warping and how the latter can bend others to his will. After finding out, Chikn became horrified by his powers while Bezel is amused.


After Chee said "It's about time", he teleported near Chikn and her presence. At first, Chee was scared of Bezel. However, it turns out that the so-called Embodiment of Time is extremely fond of cats and started petting her affectionately. But in Episode 375, she became annoyed with Bezel when he transformed into the cat version of himself. Bezel also placed Chee in a collection of things he likes, right next to Chee's crush, Cofi, in episode 395. In episode 400, Bezel was curious to how Chikn manages to scare her in every unpredictable way possible.


She was very fond of Bezel at first, and even referred to him as one of the "Sexymen". In Episode 375, she was even very impressed with Bezel's cat form. In Episode 497, she invited Bezel to draw with her and Sody. (It was also the first time she actually directly spoke with him.) However, in Episode 533, her opinion on him greatly changes she nervously asks Fwench Fwy about Bezel, hoping that he's "Not ACTUALLY going to do anything bad". In Episode 539, Slushi is still upset about Bezel's wrongdoings and Bezel says that his design was done by Slushi, which flatters her.


Iscream is very fond of Bezel as well and even once called him "Daddy Time", which greatly annoys him. Slushi and Iscream have also bonded over their shared agreement that they find Bezel to be attractive. In Episode 496, Bezel continues to express his disgust and annoyance towards Iscream when asked to hang out with them and "Get to know each other more".

Fwench Fwy[]

Fwench Fwy views Bezel as a nuisance and a threat towards their mortal friends and is openly irritated by him. Both seem to already know each other, as Fwench Fwy refers to him by name. In Episode 324, they purposely left him out hoping he doesn't have a good day much to his annoyance.

Sody Pop[]

Bezel only very briefly met Sody. He doesn't quite find the little red panda strange enough and simply moved on to the next one. When Chikn showed Bezel his phone has a digital clock, Sody burned the so-called Embodiment of Time by calling him "old man". But in Episode 497, he and Slushi warmly welcome him to draw with them.


Due to Cofi's freaky nature, Bezel believes that he has finally found the one creature with fine tastes. In Episode 384, when she asked Bezel how he eats, he gladly demonstrated the similar way Iscream does, which actually impresses her. Cofi was also in a collection of things that Bezel likes, right next to Chee, in episode 395.

Hawt Saus[]

As of now, Hawt Saus and Bezel have not had an interaction with each other.


  • "Running out of time?" (Episode 290)
  • "Do not despair. For Time is an Infinite Dance!" (Episode 290)
  • "Your clock's ticking every day." (Episode 290)
  • "Howdy hey!" (Episode 299)
  • "Who said anything about disaster? I'm here to have some fun." (Episode 299)
  • "Why'd you choose this form, it's so weak... and cutesy. Eugh..." - about Fwench Fwy in their normal form (Episode 310)
  • "AH! FINALLY! A CREATURE WITH FINE TASTE!!" - after meeting Cofi (Episode 312)
  • "WHAT?! They teach you this in elementary school!" - when Chikn told him that he cannot tell time on his clock face (Episode 322)
  • "Diiid somebody say... It's about time?" (Episode 332)
  • "Kitty, kitty, kitty..." - after meeting Cheezborger for the first time and becomes extremely fond of her to the point of petting her affectionately (Episode 332)
  • "Keep up the weirdness, my friend." - after complimenting Chikn on his mysterious ability to make everyone and everything appear in the void. (Episode 383)
  • "I HAVE NO MOUTH AND I MUST KISS!" - after Fwench Fwy said that Bezel had no lips to kiss somebody with.


  • He is the first main character who:
    • Doesn't have a misspelled name.
    • Doesn't have a face.
    • Isn't based on an animal. (But has changed himself into a cat once)
    • Has a humanoid shape.
    • Isn't named after food or drinks.
    • According to Kellen Goff, he was the one who named the character, and the name reference was intentional, as the name and his performance were based off his own grandfather, who worked as a repairman and always explained the mechanics of his watches to him.
  • It's been stated that he was intentionally designed to give off "Tumblr Sexyman energy".
  • He contrasts Iscream and Fwench Fwy in how he's designed as an otherworldly being. While Iscream and Fwench Fwy are genderless cartoonish animals, Bezel is a male humanoid with a floating clock for a head.
  • Bezel's personality and poses have been compared to Mettaton EX from Undertale.
  • He is a cat lover.
  • His laugh sounds like a cuckoo clock.
  • He is the one of only two main characters to not have come out yet, with the other one being Sody Pop (who is a child). Hawt Saus also hasn't come out yet, but can't really be considered a main character due to his lack of appearances.
  • His voice actor also portrays several characters from Five Nights at Freddy's.
  • He is the tallest character out of the cast.
  • Despite being revealed as a doomsday clock, it has been implied that he really does have power over time. It’s possible that he started becoming the mask.

List of Episode Appearances[]

For the full list, please see List of Episodes.

** = No Lines

  • Episode 290: …I told you he was different (August 26, 2022)
  • Episode 299: An immortal reunion (September 16, 2022)
  • Episode 301: Iscream and Fwench Fwy vs Bezel (September 21, 2022)**
  • Episode 310: Sound logic (October 12, 2022)
  • Episode 312: Bezel meets a kindred spirit (October 17, 2022)
  • Episode 322: Bezel struggles (November 9, 2022)
  • Episode 323: You're on THIN ICE, Iscream (November 11, 2022)** [flashback from Episode 299]
  • Episode 324: Fwench Fwy wishes you a good day! (November 14, 2022)**
  • Episode 332: We may have found Bezel’s ultimate weakness (December 2, 2022)
  • Episode 336: Meet the gang! Updated character intros! (December 14, 2022) **
  • Episode 346: HMMM (January 9, 2023)
  • Episode 358: Just waiting and watching... (February 6, 2023) **
  • Episode 375: Something cursed for you all (March 20, 2023)
  • Episode 383: The void (April 5, 2023)
  • Episode 384: ...Interesting (April 7, 2023)
  • Episode 395: Nice collection, Bez. (May 5, 2023)
  • Episode 400: Nothing to be afraid of...right? (May 17, 2023)
  • Episode 402: Bezel ON AIR (May 24, 2023) [Bezel's first solo appearance]
  • Episode 425: scritchies pls (July 19, 2023) **
  • Episode 466: Bezel delivers a warning (November 6, 2023)
  • Episode 485: Happy New Year's Eve!!! 🎊✨ (December 31, 2023)
  • Episode 496: Keeping Bezel at bay (Feburary 5, 2024)
  • Episode 497: Drawing is fun! (Feburary 9, 2024)
  • Episode 509: Bezel enters the digital age (March 29, 2024)
  • Episode 525: Chikn, it's ok! They're your friends! Don't think like that. (May 31, 2024) **
  • Episode 526: Left Out/Oh that's not good (June 3, 2024)
  • Episode 528: Tick tock.... (June 10, 2024) **
  • Episode 533: Put the Stress On/Haunted by clock man (June 28, 2024)
  • Episode 539: Doomsday Clock/Bezel's big reveal (July 19, 2024)


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